3 Crucial Techniques To Unlock G-Spot Orgasms

3 Crucial Techniques To Unlock G-Spot Orgasms

The G-spot was originally named after Dr. Gräfenberg who supposedly discovered this inner temple of pleasure. He imprecisely explained the G-spot as a dime-sized spot, but in reality is much larger than that. It’s located on the front wall of your vagina and is usually one and a half inches of size.

For most women, it’s about two to three inches long. But some women have g-spot that is actually closer to the vaginal opening and for others, it’s a little deeper but the range of the G-spot itself is actually much longer than we perceive it to be. The G-spot is actually something called the urethral sponge, so the texture is ridged especially if you are aroused. This is because women have a complicated network of erectile tissue surrounding the entire pubic floor, vagina, anus and urethra.

The G-spot is basically a tube of erectile tissue that surrounds your urethral canal. This is the reason why you can usually feel a sensation of having to pee when your G-spot is stimulated too soon. We’re going to share with you some sexual techniques that will help you move beyond that so it will be more pleasurable as well as help you move towards unlocking G-spot orgasmic bliss.

Tip 1: Warm up by developing an arousal before touching your G-spot.

This means activating the entire erectile network and satisfying fatty tissue that is underneath your vulva, within your clitoris and your vagina. Give yourself a whole body oil massage and breathe into your entire bodies and sexual energy. Working downwards and towards your vagina will allow you to build arousal. You can also play with your clitoris and your nipples before you open your vagina up. Wait until your vagina is basically begging to be penetrated before moving into G-spot stimulation.

Tip 2: Do the vaginal armoring and sexual reflexology activation.

It’s very important for truly activating your G-spot orgasmic potential. Because we have so much tension in the vagina especially the G-spot, applying firm but gentle pressure to the G-spot with finger, cock or crystal dildo can be so potent for healing. Breathe deeply, imagining that your G-spot is relaxing underneath the source of pressure. Do this armoring for at least one minute and you can steadily increase pressure if you like, just make sure you’re being sensitive of how you feel emotionally.

Tip 3 – Play with your G-spot for great orgasms.

One of the best strokes to encourage your G-spot orgasm is to insert one or two fingers and so you’re going to be activating the G-spot on the front wall of your body. Curl your fingers upwards and do a ‘come here’ kind of gesture. You can start up slow and eventually work up to faster and more firm pressure. Another great way to stimulate orgasm is to have your lover or you insert one or two fingers inside the vagina, touching the G-spot and placing your thumb on the outside, gripping the whole area and vibrating your hand and then moving up to more intense stimulation which will result in G-spot orgasms.

Remember, strong pressure and consistency is key here.