7 Types Of Profile Photos Proven To Win Dates

7 Types Of Profile Photos Proven To Win Dates

In meeting new people in social media, we make an all-out effort to look at our best through our profile picture. We consider the clothes, our pose, our smile and everything about our total appearance in the camera.

As a matter of fact, your profile photo can either win or lose anyone’s attention. But you don’t need to show off your six-pack abs or sexy curves just to get a date.

Researches reveal that these types of profile photos can capture attention at online dating:

  1. Pose-with-a-furry-friend Profile Photo

Instantly tell everyone that you are both nurturing and responsible for posting a picture with your pooch. By doing so, it gives other people an idea that you’re into a long-term commitment.

Dogs do not just make your prettier or more handsome. They can also make you look more approachable, relaxed and happy individual.

  1. Alpha Male Profile Photo

Are you familiar with Darwin’s alpha male theory? If so, you know that alpha males are attractive. So, it’s a wise idea to subconsciously feature your alpha status in your profile photo. Say for instance, you love playing basketball. Take action shot wherein you’re conveying your passion into this sports.

As much as possible, choose a photo wherein you are the center of attention – you are catching the ball, making a perfect slam dunk, etc.

  1. Family-oriented Profile Photo

Majority of women loves family pictures as they assume right away that you are a good son, caring brother and caring relative. Let them admire how good guy you are to your family. A simple picture of your charming nephew or niece can suggest that you are good with children.

  1. Happy-photo-with-your-friends Profile Photo

In online dating, bombarding your profile with your selfies is a big no-no. Most likely, women will assume that you’re either a loner or a massive narcissist. To avoid that, opt for photos shows how happy you are with your friends.

  1. Full body shot

On the other hand, if you’d like to show your decency or prim and proper side, then pose a full body shot.  Make women/men drool over your attractive physique by displaying it on your profile. Don’t even give your admirers a chance to doubt on awesome you look like.

Make a winning combination.  In your profile picture, you should not look tensed. You should have this winning combination of confidence and approachability. Your picture can best describe you that can leave interest in others and the desire to interact with you.

  1. Genuine Profile Photo

Your smile is the most noticeable feature of your profile picture. See to it that you have a genuine smile that is shown on the lips and smiling eyes that are sparkling. There’s an old adage saying that eyes serve as window to our soul. It is indeed true and by your smile, people can tell how charming or not your personality is.

  1. Latest photo

This will help people identify that the person they think you are, is the real you. Although there are many who really take time in finding for their prettiest photos way back many years ago, it is not advisable that you go with them. Your recent picture will best describe what you are now and what you were before.

The way you look at the camera means a lot to others so always make the most out of every shot.

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