How To Have a Healthy Sex Life Even After-Kids

How To Have a Healthy Sex Life Even After-Kids

Are you looking for some fun ideas on how to boost your life inside the bedroom after having kids?

Many parents do not have enough energy and time for new sex toys or tricks. But, you don’t have to feel inadequate or guilty.  This article will debunk you the ways on how to bring back the spark in your sex life even after-kids.

Put The Romance Back

Build a good relationship to ensure happiness and contentment in your marital and family life. Start it by putting back the burning sexual desire in your lives. Taking care of your kids, no matter their ages can be too overwhelming and exhausting. Usually, you feel selfish when you think of sparing some time for your spouse instead of spending it with your children. Stop this mindset. Recently, Children’s Survey revealed that around 70% of kids said that that they are happy to see their parents happy.

So, improve your connection as couples. Go on a romantic date. Go for an afternoon delight.  Do not do your usual hanky-panky session at the end of the day. Most likely, once 7 pm strikes, you are both exhausted to have sex. So, instead of doing during bedtime, sex experts suggest to pleasure each other as soon as the kids nap.

Try Choreplay.

One of the challenges most couples deal with after having a baby is balancing their time for work, home and babysitting. According to studies, sharing your responsibilities in terms of household chores and taking care for children can boost your sex lives. Kristin Hodson, a sex therapist, calls this approach as choreplay.

With it, no one will feel resentful. Instead, both of you will feel heard, seen and relaxed, which are the key ingredients for great sex.

Hire a babysitter.

Let the babysitter take the children to park, museum or aquarium during daytime. And while they are all gone, just enjoy the whole moment cuddling.

Reassure your wife/husband.

After having kids, women’s curvaceous body changes. Stretch marks and wrinkles start to form along with other undesirable body changes. This makes them feel less appealing physically and sexually.

It helps a lot to please your partner to reassure them.

Having kids lets you get to know more your husband or wife in new ways. You will know and understand not just as your lover but lifelong companion and parents as well.  Let this challenge deepen your intimacy and marital relationship for each other.

Reconnect with your partner.

Always set aside time to talk about some things other than your children. Remember that sex is not just your opportunity to pleasure yourselves. It is also the best time to reconnect with your companion. Your life doesn’t just revolve around your children. You need to grow as well as couples. You have to remind yourself that you love each other, which is why you’re having sex every now and then.

While having kids means you’ll have less time for sexy times, this also implies new chances for growth, leading you to better intimacy and sex.